Wednesday, March 23, 2011

India ranked as the 7th Most Hard Working Nation of the World

India is furiously pursuing development through science and technology. But, none of these automated efforts would work without the hard-work that its citizens put in every core sector of the industries they work in.

The sincerity and hard-work put in by Indians has enhanced the nation’s visibility on the global map as being the 11th largest world economy, and is already wealthier than Australia and Spain. Moreover, this nation of hard-working geeks produces over 6 lakh engineering graduates annually.

While the West may think of India as still being a developing economy, a latest survey by Ipsos Global and Reuters has ranked India as 7th most hard-working nation of the world, in terms of its full-time workers using their allotted paid holidays.

The survey provides that more than half the number of Indian employees do not use their vacation holidays which usually count up to 28-30 days of govt holidays plus paid holidays annually, apart from regular weekend leaves.

Usually, China is looked up to as the Michael Jordan of emerging economies. And, every rising nation wants to emulate China, in terms of its professionalism and sheer growth it has logged over the past decade, as a role model to move higher up the ladder.

In fact, even Indians are considered less professional than their Chinese counterparts when it comes to businesses other than outsourcing and selected few fields. But, in this case, Indians employees have scored over their Chinese counterparts when it comes to using up their paid quota of holidays.

As against 65% of the Chinese employees taking up all their vacation days, only 58.5% of Indian workers avail of such optional holidays. This also counts pretty well when compared with American workers, 57% of whom take all their vacation days.

Moreover, India stands better-off against other global nations such as France, Mexico, Russia, Italy, Poland and Sweden when it comes to the likelihood of workers from respective countries claiming holidays from their quota of paid holidays provided by their employers.

While France emerges as the biggest laggard with 89% of worker citizens availing of their allotted vacation days, Japanese stood afloat at numero uno position with only 1/3rd of working population claiming their full quota of 16 public holidays in Japan.

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