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Top 15 Lists Wonders Of The World

Top 15 Lists Wonders Of The World

Since ages mankind has built numerous buildings with marvelous designs and architecture which stood tall in the test of times. These buildings are so great that most of them are in the list of world heritage. In this you can see the Top 15 wonders of the world which attracts millions of tourists from around the world.

1. Taj Mahal, Agra, India: Shah Jahan a Mughal emperor built this glorious mausoleum in the memory of his wife. This mausoleum was built between 1632-1653 with white marbles. It is also known as “a teardrop on the cheek of eternity”.

2. Great Wall Of China, China: To protect the citizens from constant attacks by Xiongnu tribes people and kings of china have built the portion of the walls. Later most portions of the wall were rebuilt by Ming Dynasty. Great wall of china is more than 8,851 kilometer long which is a wonder in itself.

3. Petra, Jordan: One of the most treasured tourist attraction in Jordan is Petra which is also known as “rose red city, half as old as time”. Petra was the ancient capital of the Nabataean kingdom. Later this turned into an important junction for the silk and spice routes that linked China, India and southern Arabia with Egypt, Greece and Rome.

4. Pyramids of Giza, Cairo: One of the oldest and most famous wonder of the world. Built with more than 2 million blocks of stone, Great Pyramid of Khufu took more than 20 year to complete which is more than 139 meter tall.

5. Machu Picchu, Peru: Also known as “Lost city of Incas”, Machu Picchu is one of the most famous tourist spots in entire Peru.

6. Colosseum, Rome: Colosseum is an amphitheater which is so big that it can house more than 50,000 spectators at a time. One of the most famous Roman architecture Colosseum was completed in 80 AD by Titus. Due to it’s grand architecture it has become an icon of Imperial Rome.

7. Parthenon, Acropolis, Athens: One of the most famous buildings in Athens, Parthenon is a massive temple which is built from ivory, gold and silver.

8. Moai, Easter Islands: Moai’s are statues which were created and carved from stone by Polynesian colonizers on the most deserted island in the world.

9. Angkor Wat, Cambodia: One of the biggest Buddhist and Hindu temple of the world which is built from stone in 15th century AD. Due to its grand size Angkor Wat has been placed in Cambodian National flag which truly shows the spirit of this wonder.

10. Teotihuacan, Mexico: In the 2nd century BC a new civilization arose in the valley of Mexico. This civilization built the flourishing metropolis of Teotihuacán and it’s huge step pyramids. The Pyramid of the Sun was built around 100 AD and is 75 meters high making it the largest building in Teotihuacán and one of the largest in Mesoamerica. Seven centuries after the demise of the Teotihuacán empire the pyramids were honored and utilized by the Aztecs and became a place of pilgrimage.

11. Christ The Redeemer, Brazil: Christ the Redeemer is a statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The statue stands 39.6 meters tall, including its 9.5 meter pedestal, and 30 meters wide. It weighs 635 tons, and is located at the peak of the 700 meters Corcovado mountain in the Tijuca Forest National Park overlooking the city.

12. Chichen Itza, Mexico: Chichen Itza is a large pre-Columbian archaeological site built by the Maya civilization located in the northern center of the Yucatán Peninsula, in the Yucatán state which in present days knows as Mexico.

13. Hagia Sophia, Turkey: Hagia Sophia is a former Orthodox patriarchal basilica, later a mosque, now a museum in Istanbul, Turkey. Famous in particular for its massive dome, it is considered the epitome of Byzantine architecture and to have “changed the history of architecture.” It was the largest cathedral in the world for nearly a thousand years, until the completion of the Seville Cathedral in 1520.

14. Potala Palace, Tibet: Potala Palace is located in Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region, China. It was named after Mount Potala, the abode of Chenresig or Avalokitesvara. The Potala Palace was the chief residence of the Dalai Lama until the 14th Dalai Lama fled to Dharamsala, India, after an invasion and failed uprising in 1959. Today the Potala Palace has been converted into a museum by the Chinese.

15. Old City Of Jerusalem, Israel: Old city of Jerusalem is a 0.9 square kilometer walled area within the modern city of Jerusalem, Israel. Until the 1860s this area constituted the entire city of Jerusalem. The Old City is home to several sites of key religious importance: the Temple Mount and its Western Wall for Jews, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher for Christians, and the Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa Mosque for Muslims.

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