Friday, April 1, 2011

Archana spicy and hot Bed Room Scene In Shanti Movie

Earlier there was a statement by the actress Archana that she was compelled to do bold scenes in the upcoming Tamil movie Shanti. Telugu actress Archana, who made in to Tamil in the movie Veluthu Kattu , directed by SA Chandrasekar, had also acted in movies like Puzhal and Ramanathapuram.

Archana plays the female lead in Shanthi, while Adithya plays the male lead and the movie is directed by Murali Vishwa. During its production, the news was doing the rounds that the actress refused to do an intimate bed room scene which required her to do love making and kissing scenes, despite the actress knowing that she is supposed to do such scenes when she signed the movie. Later the actress issued a statement saying that she was forced to do such intimate scenes under compulsion. Reports has it that the Director decided to replace Archana with another one, hearing which Archana came back in to the project and did the scene with 12 retakes. When many films are postponing their movies due to the cricket fever and exams, this movie Shanti managed to get 80 screens, that too in some of the best screens in Tamil Nadu and will be released soon. Now the movie’s scenes are found to be hot on net with many scenes been uploaded on the internet.

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