Saturday, April 2, 2011

Malayalam Movie "Ee thirakkinidayil" Review

Beautiful with his looks, good behaviour, nice dressing. Pleasant smile, Conversation, Villagehood man Ananthapadmanabhan, when you ask, what's his job ? its a long answer...., but money revolves all in his mind. you can say a Conman hide in Ananthapadmanabhan. Ananthu knows no relations and no caring for any body.

Ananthu tried up some bussiness with his friend jobby, but all his businesses bombed. Ananthu always mess up with everyone and admit himself in hospital and ask from rivals, that becomes his hobby, similarly Ananthapadmanabhan became familiar among Hospital staffs, specially nurses. He borrow money from them to not give it back. While One Nurse named Savithri was different from others, she used to love Ananthu's whole habit of living life. Savithri helps Ananthu in big way, On One day Ananthapadmanabhan(Ananthu) leaves the village due to his debt, which effect the life of Savithri led to the life experience in the malayalam movie "Iee Thirakinidayeel".

Newcomer Anil Karkulam directing malayalam movie "Iee Thirakinidayeel's" picturisation

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